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16 car accident causes to watch out for on New Hampshire’s roads

| Apr 18, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Do not assume car accidents are random and unavoidable. In many cases, the root causes can be identified, and there may be steps you can take to prevent a crash from happening. Much of this just has to do with being aware of risk factors and staying away from high-risk drivers and situations.

For instance, here are 16 common accident causes to keep in mind:

  1. Construction zones
  2. Deer crossings
  3. Flat tires and blowouts
  4. Potholes and road defects
  5. Drug use
  6. Inexperienced teen drivers
  7. Illegal turns and wrong-way driving
  8. Tailgating
  9. Automobile flaws and design defects
  10. Driving at night
  11. Red light runners
  12. Rain, snow and poor weather conditions
  13. Aggressive, reckless driving
  14. Speeding
  15. Driving while intoxicated, or drunk driving
  16. Distracted driving

When you see drivers engaging in any of these behaviors, it is best to keep your distance.

For instance, if someone is speeding and driving recklessly, and then that person gets right behind your vehicle and starts tailgating you, do not get angry. Understand that this person is putting you in very real danger. Rather than lashing out and making things worse, try to find a safe way to let the other driver pass. Do everything in your power to eliminate the danger to you and anyone else in your vehicle.

Naturally, you cannot always watch for risky behavior or avoid all accidents. Being careful and watchful helps, but a negligent driver can still hit you and cause serious injuries. When this happens, you may be facing high medical bills and lost wages, so it is very important to understand all of the legal options you have to seek compensation.

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