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What types of injuries are most common in motorcycle accidents?

| Apr 26, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Have you ever wondered exactly what injuries you are most likely to suffer if you’re in a motorcycle accident? With all of the talk about helmets, for instance, do you assume that head injuries are the most common? Or do helmets provide enough protection that people usually suffer injuries to other parts of their bodies?

Of course, every wreck is different, but you can see trends by looking at long-term statistics. To this end, one study examined roughly 1.2 million people who got in motorcycle accidents and ended up in emergency rooms in the United States. None of the cases were fatal.

Lower extremities

Your lower extremities face the highest injury risk, according to the study. The feet and legs made up a full 30 percent of all cases, which was the highest percentage the study found. It makes sense; many people likely put their feet down instinctively right before an accident, trying to brace.

Neck and head

The next highest percentage was found with neck and head injuries, clocking in at a full 22 percent. This total likely would have been even higher if the study had considered fatal injuries, but it did not.

The final three

After these two front-runners came a close grouping of upper body injuries, hand and arm injuries and lower body injuries. Upper body injuries included the back, shoulders and chest, while lower body injuries included the pelvis and the hips.

Seeking compensation

Any of these injuries can lead to high medical bills, lost wages and medical issues that could last for the rest of your life. Make sure you know what legal rights you have to seek financial compensation for these costs.

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