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4 driving distractions that can cause accidents

| May 18, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Distractions cause accidents. Drivers absolutely need to pay attention to the road at all times when they are behind the wheel. Even things that people do every day, that they think nothing of, count as distractions. For example:

1. Listening to music

Getting too focused on your music and singing along means you’re not 100 percent focused on driving. Changing the CD, the radio station or the playlist on your phone also takes your eyes off of the road. Music can help pass the time, but it is not without risk.

2. Using a cellphone

People use their phones so often that it borders on addiction. In the car, that’s especially dangerous. Talking on the phone increases accident risks, never mind reading or sending a text message. People often make the mistake of thinking using the phone is safe if they just do it quickly, but it’s not.

3. Smoking in the car

Whether drivers are old enough to legally smoke or not, doing it in the car is potentially hazardous. It’s just one more thing to take your hand off of the steering wheel, when you should grip it with two hands the entire time.

4. Riding with friends

Other people can turn into a huge distraction. They’re constantly talking, laughing and interacting with the driver. Just glancing away as part of a calm conversation is a risk. Friends are especially a risk for young people, due to the relative importance of their social groups.

Accidents happen for a variety of reasons, and these four examples show how common distractions are. Those who get hurt must know their legal options.

Source: Aceable, “Four Distractions to Watch Out For When Driving,” accessed May 18, 2018


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