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4 workplace attitudes that can lead to injury

| Jun 2, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

You can be the perfect worker and still get hurt on the job because someone else makes a mistake. In some occupations, you essentially put your life in your co-workers’ hands. Even in office jobs and other “low risk” positions, you count on people around you to be safe.

Below are four different attitudes that may compromise workplace safety:

  1. Complacency: At first, workers are attentive to rules and regulations, and they strive to be safe. After years on the job without an accident, they grow bored and complacent. This makes them dangerous, despite their experience, because they may no longer be vigilant about safety.
  2. Frustration: When things go wrong, workers get frustrated. Emotional reactions can lead to serious safety hazards, as workers may act aggressively or work quickly.
  3. Rushing: Similarly, rushing makes people work faster than they should. They may cut corners or simply not watch what they’re doing carefully enough. As deadlines get close, they rush so much that they put everyone in danger. Some companies even encourage this behavior by setting deadlines that workers have almost no hope of hitting otherwise.
  4. Fatigue: You have probably heard of drowsy driving and the danger it poses. Working when you’re overly fatigued can be just as dangerous. This is especially true around power tools and heavy machinery. One simple mistake or a moment of inattentiveness can lead to an accident.

So, what do you do if one of your co-workers causes an accident and you get hurt? Make sure you know all about your potential rights to workers’ compensation under New Hampshire law.

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