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6 tips to make sure drivers see you on your motorcycle

| Jul 20, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

A lot of motorcycle accidents happen simply because other drivers do not see the motorcycles in advance. They merge into them on the interstate, cut them off with left turns and pull out in front of them at intersections. The bikes are so small and fast that they just overlook them, and the ramifications can be catastrophic.

How do you help drivers see you on your motorcycle so that you can avoid these accidents? Below are six useful tips:

  1. Do not buy a black motorcycle. It blends into the pavement. Buy a brightly colored one, in red, green, orange or yellow.
  2. Touch your brakes every now and again. Tapping them lights up that back light. Even if you do not plan to stop, it gets the attention of drivers behind you.
  3. Use reflective tape. A single strip of tape running across the top of your windscreen could save your life, catching the lights of oncoming cars.
  4. Wear bright clothing designed for high visibility. There is a reason road workers have bright green vests with reflective strips on them. Make yourself and your bike as visible as you can.
  5. Avoid blind spots whenever possible. Part of being seen is being conscious of where you ride and staying in areas where you’re more visible.
  6. Add extra lights. If you worry that the main lights are not enough at night, add auxiliary lights, both to help you see and to make you more visible in the dark.

Of course, doing all of these things may help you avoid accidents, but it cannot prevent them all. Be sure you know your legal rights to seek compensation for medical care, lost wages and more if you get hurt.


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