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New Hampshire lawyers investigate dog bite

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | Animal Bites |

A dog is often a man’s best friend, but this relationship can turn dark when a canine’s worst instincts are aroused. A dog bite can lead to a long period of physical pain as well as emotional recovery.

Prosecutors are looking to resolve an issue around a large-breed dog accused of attacking a caretaker. Lawyers representing the state of New Hampshire are hoping to impound a 145-pound Great Dane who bit and wrestled a woman who was tending to its exercise needs in a government kennel.

The dog had been confiscated from a woman along with dozens of other canines during an animal cruelty investigation. The 60-year-old Wolfeboro woman pleaded not guilty to 17 counts, professing her love and care for 84 dogs present on the property of her mission.

The New Hampshire Humane Society claimed the dog is dangerous, especially after its attack on a caretaker resulted in severe injuries requiring surgery and long-term rehabilitation. The attack rated high on a dog bite risk scale, leading the society to claim that the dog should not be in direct contact with humans.

The judge on the case said she would rule on euthanasia after the initial case is closed. Lawyers representing the woman previously in charge of the dogs are fighting back, saying too few experts have been consulted and there is not enough information about the attack.

Victims of dog bite injuries may be well-advised to consult a lawyer about a possible lawsuit against the owner of the offending animal. A successful lawsuit may help provide financial damages to help recover from an injury.


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