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New Hampshire agency is defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit

| Oct 12, 2018 | Wrongful Death |

It’s hard to put a dollar figure on human suffering, let along the end of a human life. But often, after a tragic accident or collision, financial damages are the only way to make a family whole and stop future harm to others.

Wrongful death lawsuits are often directed at a person who directly caused a fatal injury or the person responsible for a dangerous environment. On occasion, government agencies may be held legally responsible for a situation that their employees should have prevented.

New Hampshire’s Division of Children, Youth and Families is the listed plaintiff in a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the father of a toddler who died in her mother’s care. The man is alleging the child should have been protected based on the mother’s previous suspect behavior.

The state agency had opened nine different investigations into neglect and abuse with the mother as the subject. The first began when the child tested positive for marijuana at the age of 4 days. The 21-month old died of a head injury similar to one suffered a year earlier and noted on an agency report.

As the mother begins a jail sentence, the father stated that the agency’s caseworkers should have followed up progressively and prevented the death of the child by correcting the woman’s behavior.

The families of the victims of fatal accidents and other forms of wrongful death may have a case for compensation in court or for settlement. An attorney can be a helpful advisor when you feel the need to sue to correct the tragic death of a family member.


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