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New Hampshire company guilty after 3 die in car accident

| Nov 2, 2018 | Car Accidents |

The roads of New Hampshire must be safe for drivers, passengers and pedestrians to feel comfortable using them. Car owners must refrain from the temptation to drive too quickly, drive while texting or drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol to achieve this.

If accidents happen, one of the first questions after ensuring people’s safety is who may be blamed for the consequences. Drivers are generally responsible for their own actions, but other people or organizations may be culpable for actions or inaction that caused a preventable tragedy.

A New Hampshire jury found a company guilty of serving alcohol to an underage person after the 20-year-old in question allegedly crashed his car while drunk. The accident occurred in Kensington when the driver and two friends had three drinks each at the restaurant. All three died in the crash 90 minutes after leaving.

The company faces heavy fines and a possible review of its alcohol license by the New Hampshire Liquor Commission. Previous charges related to illegal alcohol sales were dropped when the statute of limitations lapsed on the misdemeanors.

Those who are legally found to have caused a car accident or other major injurious incident may also face civil charges from the victims or survivors of victims. Financial damages may be an extra deterrent against future dangerous behavior.

An attorney can help review the details of a car accident and prepare a claim including reimbursement and further compensation for the consequences. Legal representation may increase the chances of an acceptable conclusion in negotiation, mediation or a trial in civil court.


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