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Collision leads to car theft in Manchester parking lot

| Dec 6, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Highways and streets across New Hampshire have seen their share of accidents, from forgettable fender benders to tragic collisions that cost lives. Speed and reckless driving are often factors in serious accidents, especially in developed areas, and a recent case saw a driver compound irresponsible actions with injury and theft.

A man was driving a sedan at high speed through a parking lot at the Mall of New Hampshire when he struck another car occupied by a 67-year-old female driver. That person received injuries in the crash along with the 27-year-old passenger in the speeding car. When another driver stopped to help, the man stole his car and fled the scene.

Manchester police investigating the incident believe that the driver who caused the incident had shoplifted at a department store inside the mall just before the crash. A warrant has been issued for the driver’s arrest, listing charges of felony hit-and-run driving and driving with a suspended license among other related charges.

Both the injured women were taken to a local hospital for treatment. Police were still seeking the man who fled the scene, and he may be subject to a civil suit for damages as well as the criminal charges already filed.

People injured in car accidents caused by recklessness or negligence have the right to seek appropriate financial damages to cover medical expenses, wages lost during recovery and compensation for pain and emotional distress. An attorney can help victims analyze the facts of a case, advise on preparing a case and determine whether settlement or a jury verdict is the best way to seek satisfaction.


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