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How long do workers have to claim workers’ compensation?

| Dec 28, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

If you live in New Hampshire, you’re more likely to be or know a commercial driver, logger, fisherman or construction worker than if you lived in many other states. Since these are some of the most dangerous professions in the country, people in the Granite State are also more likely to be or know someone who has relied on workers’ compensation to recover from an injury on the job.

How long do employees have to inform employers after an injury?

Employers must receive notice of injury within two years of the date of the injury for an employee to claim benefits. If an employee is claiming due to a progressive illness or disability, the employer must be informed within two years of the victim learning of the problem or a time at which he or she should have learned of the problem.

How long do employees have to file a claim to receive benefits?

A claimant has three years after the date of injury or the date of learning of a work-related health problem to claim worker’s compensation benefits. If the initial claim was denied, the employee has 18 months to petition for a hearing to revisit the issue.

How does an employee petition for a revisit of a denied claim?

A victim of a work injury, illness or disability can submit an appeal on his or her own, but an attorney is often recommended to give a claimant a good chance of winning the appeal. A lawyer can work with physicians, insurers and employers to gather evidence and further a claim to success.


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