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Why is biking dangerous in New Hampshire?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

From frostbite to lumber yard accidents, New Hampshire is home to several dangers that can cause injury or even death. Although the roads are not particularly more dangerous than many other states, motorcyclists may face many hazards that are worse than those seen by car and truck drivers.

How dangerous is New Hampshire for bikers?

One of the major factors for motorcycle safety in the Granite State is the lack of a helmet law. New Hampshire is one of only three states in the union that does not require head protection for bikers. Around two-thirds of fatal motorcycle accidents involve a rider without a helmet.

What beyond a helmet law could the state do to protect bikers’ lives?

Some researchers believe that a graduated licensing system would reduce fatalities by letting younger riders move up their qualifications with experience. New roads and highways can be planned with motorcycles in mind, making intersections safer and installing signage to warn bikers of possible hazards.

What can individuals do to make their rides safer?

Riders can insist on safer equipment on board their motorcycles, like anti-lock brakes. Studies show that anti-lock brakes reduce the risks of a deadly motorcycle crash by around 30 percent. Protective equipment like body armor and padded jackets also lowers the chances of unrecoverable trauma in the case of a collision.

What can I do about a motorcycle accident?

If a crash was the fault of another driver, motorcyclists or their families may sue for financial damages to recover medical expenses, lost wages during recovery or other required compensation. An attorney can review the facts of a crash and help advise on the likely success of a lawsuit.


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