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Does a dog bite put the owner in legal trouble?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Animal Bites |

It is rare that man’s best friend become a person’s worst nightmare, but it is often shocking when a domesticated dog attacks a person. Children are often the worst hurt victims of dog bites and other animal attacks because the trauma affects more of a child’s body and many children do not yet know to approach animals in a guarded manner.

Does New Hampshire identify dangerous dogs?

Some states classify certain breeds or types of dog as potentially dangerous to people, but New Hampshire only identifies hazardous canines by past behavior. The code of the Granite State includes a section that identifies dogs as “a menace, a nuisance or vicious” based on attacks on humans and livestock, continuous barking or time spent out of an owner’s control.

Are there criminal penalties for owners of dangerous dogs?

Possession of a dog that is a menace, a nuisance or vicious is a misdemeanor under New Hampshire law. Once recent case includes the 21-year-old owner of a pit bull who bit a 13-year-old girl in the face. The dog was also not properly licensed or vaccinated.

Are there possible civil penalties?

The owner or caretaker of a dangerous dog may be subject to a civil lawsuit for personal injury. Personal injury lawsuits may be directed at anyone directly or indirectly responsible for harm befalling another person. An attorney can help review the evidence and details of an animal attack like a dog bite and help bring needed financial damages to victims and their families.


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