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Winter weather increases risk for New Hampshire drivers

| Feb 15, 2019 | Car Accidents |

With enviable ski slopes and beautiful mountain passes, New Hampshire is well known around the country for its gorgeous winter weather. Unfortunately, the snow and ice that comes in the winter months is as hazardous as it is beautiful.

Any amount of ice, snow or freezing rain brings increased risk to drivers by making road surfaces slippery. Significant snowfall or ice storms adds the hazard of lower visibility. An overnight snowstorm in many parts of New Hampshire was the probable cause of more than 130 motor vehicle accidents in less than 19 hours across the state.

Many vehicles lose control with accumulated snow and ice on the roads. One car collided with a fire truck in Manchester, requiring extrication for the driver after the incident. Four cars were involved in a single collision near an interchange between a major highway and an interstate road.

Most accidents caused only minor damage and no serious injuries, although at least one person died in a collision during this recent storm. The Department of Transportation has already spent nearly two-thirds of its annual winter maintenance budget, which means there could be issues when winter weather strikes again.

Officials caution drivers against going out in winter weather unless absolutely necessary. If travel is required, slower speeds and more space between cars and trucks can prevent serious accidents. Traveling outside rush hours is also often a good idea.

Victims of motor vehicle accidents may seek financial damages to assist with recovering the costs created by injuries. Victims may consider legal representation when lawsuits in civil courts are a possibility.


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