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March 2019 Archives

Roadside prank causes vehicle damage in Hillsborough County

There are quite a few practical concerns that make motorcycles less safe than cars or trucks in New Hampshire and many other states. Bikes have half the number of wheels as other motor vehicles and, although they also have far less mass, that can cause problems gaining and keeping a purchase on the road during tight turns or quick stops. There is also drastically less protection for riders and passengers.

Concord man arrested after falling asleep behind the wheel

There is always a chance of damage or injury when people take to the roads in cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motor vehicles in New Hampshire. The fatal accident rate for the state hovers just below the middle of nationwide averages, except for some specialized vehicles like snowmobiles that are more common in the Granite State. So New Hampshirites are slightly safer than more Americans behind the wheel.

What can I do to prevent or treat a dog bite?

It is unlikely that a domesticated dog with good training attacks another dog or a human being. But it can happen, either when a canine feels threatened or is experiencing some other imbalance. Although there are legal implications for the owner or caretaker of a dog, there are some safety tips that may make any dog attack less hazardous.

New Hampshire program will help workers on opioids

A storage unit may fall onto people nearby it on a warehouse floor. A conveyor belt may jam in a loading dock. There are many ways that a worker may be hurt or disabled on the job, but they all have one thing in common. They all cause pain, and they all lead victims to seriously consider pain relief.

Murder case defendant suggests wrongful death lawsuit

When it comes to murder, culpability for the acts that led to a person's death is usually simple. If a person had the motivation to end a life and took actions to make it happen, that person is guilty of murder. The issue may not be so simple when it comes to civil liability for a death.

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