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Concord man arrested after falling asleep behind the wheel

| Mar 22, 2019 | Car Accidents |

There is always a chance of damage or injury when people take to the roads in cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motor vehicles in New Hampshire. The fatal accident rate for the state hovers just below the middle of nationwide averages, except for some specialized vehicles like snowmobiles that are more common in the Granite State. So New Hampshirites are slightly safer than more Americans behind the wheel.

The state still has its share of irresponsible drivers beyond people are just caught up in accidents that may be unavoidable. Drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs still comes up as a factor in accidents or pullovers. One Concord man accused of drunk driving nearly destroyed the police cruisers assigned to his arresting officers.

The incident began in Farmington when the man woke up while stopped in the wrong lane of Route 11 in the pre-dawn hours while officers attempted to wake him. Once he was conscious, he drove around 100 feet and struck the police cruiser parked in the breakdown lane. His car then allegedly struck the other cruiser and proceeded moving for around another mile before he stopped and was placed under arrest.

All three cars involved were severely damaged. The driver was charged with several counts including aggravated driving while intoxicated and disobeying a law enforcement officer.

In addition to criminal charges, drivers involved in at-fault accidents may be faced with civil penalties based on lawsuits by people who experienced injury or damage. An attorney may be very useful to victims who feel the need to sue for financial damages.


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