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Roadside prank causes vehicle damage in Hillsborough County

| Mar 28, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents |

There are quite a few practical concerns that make motorcycles less safe than cars or trucks in New Hampshire and many other states. Bikes have half the number of wheels as other motor vehicles and, although they also have far less mass, that can cause problems gaining and keeping a purchase on the road during tight turns or quick stops. There is also drastically less protection for riders and passengers.

There are plenty of hazards involving others on the road, but most of them are distracted drivers or people not used to being safe around bikers. A lawsuit for personal injury or wrongful death may result if a driver showed negligence or an active attempt to cause damage with a specific action.

The police in Pelham are seeking a vandal who endangered drivers of cars and motorcycles alike. At least one miscreant left cardboard planks and fruit in the road that were studded with nails, causing at least two flat tires. Law enforcement officers are calling the behavior malicious and more hazardous than a light-hearted prank.

“What if they are driving down the road and they end up driving over that and you end up getting a flat tire on a motorcycle?” asked a police lieutenant in Pelham. “They’re going to crash immediately.”

Anyone who has suffered pain from a motorcycle crash due to someone’s negligence or deliberate actions may be able to sue for the compensation they need for recovery. An attorney can help victims of motorcycle accidents or the survivors of motorcycle fatalities with the needs and strategy for a case in civil court.


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