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How do I avoid a dog bite?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2019 | Animal Bites |

You’re running along the edge of a picturesque road in New Hampshire. As you lope around a wide curve, a striking house appears in front of you. You barely make out its shape before a dog comes charging at you. What do you do?

Should I run faster?

Dogs are creatures of instinct when they are excited or threatened. If you run faster, the dog may react with a chase reflex. If you are not far enough away to avoid the dog, the best reaction is to stand still and stare the dog down with your arms folded. That will reduce any apparent threat to the dog.

Should I yell at the dog?

Excited dogs may be interested in saying hello, playing or keeping you away. But calm dogs are easier to read. Loud noises and waving arms only serve to excite dogs more, so they should be avoided.

What if a dog won’t give up?

It’s not easy to remain calm when a dog is all over you. Turn your back to the dog to avoid any possible face injury. If a dog knocks you down, it is best to curl up around your knees with your hands around your neck so the canine loses interest.

What if I have been injured by a dog?

The first priority is medical attention, because trauma and illness are both possibilities in an animal attack. Serious injuries may require financial damages for recovery or compensation for the pain and distress caused by a dog bite. An attorney may help discuss these possibilities after a traumatic event.


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