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Mystery surrounds New Hampshire girl’s highway death

| Apr 5, 2019 | Wrongful Death |

When a person dies unexpectedly, everything stops. Anyone can guess that such a loss changes a person, but someone who has been through it knows that it can demolish a person. This is especially true for parents and other family members that are very close to victims.

A New Hampshire mother is looking for answers since the death of their daughter in a crash on Interstate 495 across the border with Massachusetts. Initial reports from officers suggested the 18-year-old was driving the car in which she died, but a statement later claimed a 19-year-old from a Bay State town just south of Salem, N.H., was the driver.

No criminal charges have yet been filed against the supposed driver and any cause of the crash has yet to be made public as well. Both parents of the victim report they have been attempting to extract answers from authorities but even their lawyer has not gotten satisfaction.

“It’s been a year. They’ve told us three different times that the report from the state trooper is being revised, or that they’re adding things to it, and that there was confusion at the scene,” said the victim’s mother. “Why? We just want to know why. We need to know what happened.”

Governments, along with specific people and organizations, may be named in a wrongful death lawsuit if they may be held responsible for the loss of a life. Criminal charges or convictions are not a requirement for a lawsuit or finding of wrongful death. An attorney can help understand these concepts of liability and judge whether or not a lawsuit can name specific people as defendants.


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