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Owners are legally liable for dogs’ behavior

On Behalf of | May 23, 2019 | Animal Bites |

When is it safe to be around a dog? Under ideal circumstances, dogs are always well-trained and the humans around them are respectful of their limits. Unfortunately, that’s not always the situation, and misunderstandings can devolve into injuries very easily. New Hampshire is home to several attacks by domesticated animals every year.

All dog bites must be attended by medical professionals to ensure that initial trauma does not end up causing infection or worse. Most do not cause complications that prove to be fatal, but that is possible especially for children and elderly people. People with smaller bodies or compromised immune systems may have specific risks for dog bites.

New Hampshire law holds the owners or caretakers of dogs legally responsible for any damage or injuries caused by the animals in their charge. This may include criminal charges for misdemeanors related to animal assaults for which a person may be responsible. It certainly applies to claims for financial damages in civil court.

Sometimes, a dog’s behavior can cause injuries indirectly compared to the obvious trauma of a bite or scratch. For example, if a running dog on a leash reaches the end, the tension in the leash may cause a falling injury. In this case, the owner is liable for “any mischievous acts which cause injury” under the law in the Granite State.

People injured by dogs have the right to claim damages from the people who may be responsible for failing to control their pets. Lawyers are able to help individuals and families dealing with these problems approach their solution in negotiations or a jury trial.


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