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Reckless driving may have led to Salem accident

| May 31, 2019 | Car Accidents |

New Hampshire is a small U.S. state but has quite a few roads crossing it. As a result, the Granite State is the location of several motor vehicle accidents every month. Many are the results of chance accidents, while others may be caused by distracted driving or reckless behavior on the road.

New Hampshire State Police say that excessive speed and erratic driving is probably to blame for a multi-vehicle accident on the southbound side of Interstate 93 near Salem. The Monday evening incident began when a sedan driven by a 21-year-old Massachusetts man changed lanes, and the driver lost control. One of the vehicles involved was hit by the sedan was a minivan carrying two elderly people and their 56-year-old daughter.

The four people were transported to the hospital for evaluation after emergency services responded to the incident. The road was closed for at least an hour while investigators gathered evidence, and work crews cleared debris and vehicle parts from the road surface.

Reckless driving, whether it was influenced by alcohol or not, may lead to criminal charges or the suspension of a suspect’s driver’s license. Regardless of charges, victims of car accidents in which another person was at fault may claim financial damages to help with recovery. This may include reimbursement for damage and medical expenses as well as compensation for noneconomic damages like pain and emotional distress.

Legal representation is often a good idea after a car accident or similar event that led to personal injury. An attorney can specify the best way to claim the required amount in civil court or negotiated settlements.


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