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Keene motorcycle accident causes injuries

| Jun 6, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents |

From the wide coastal roads in Portsmouth to the mountains near the Canadian border, New Hampshire is highly appealing to motorcyclists. The springtime brings local and distant bikers to the Granite State seeking the ride of the season. Unfortunately, that also brings an uptick in motorcycle accidents.

Collisions can be very dangerous, causing serious injury or even death to an unprotected biker. A man from Keene was injured in his hometown when his motorcycle struck a sport utility vehicle as it attempted a left turn off of Route 9.

The biker sustained injuries to his lower body and right leg, while two people in the SUV received minor injuries. The victim, who was wearing a helmet while riding, is now under care in Keene after the others were placed under medical observation.

Left turns are often the cause of motorcycle collisions, as bikes are harder for drivers to see before they feel free to negotiate the turn across a traffic lane. The road was restricted to single-lane traffic at the time, and construction zones are often the site of accidents as well.

Victims of motorcycle accidents may have a need to seek financial damages due to the high expenses that often come with recovery. Damages may include reimbursement of medical expenses as well as compensation for loss of income and various noneconomic damages that are a result of the accident.

Legal representation can help when people are dealing with the aftermath of a bike wreck. An attorney can recommend the best way to begin a claim for damages to help you move forward.


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