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Wrongful death lawsuit settled without liability admission

| Jun 14, 2019 | Wrongful Death |

Society at large finds it just as difficult to deal with the consequences of unexpected losses of life as the families of individual victims. The criminal court system is there to help guide who to punish objectively and rehabilitate them effectively. But their actions are often small comfort to the relatives and friends of people who died before their time.

The civil court system helps these people claim damages to help cope with the economic or emotional losses brought by death. Even if criminal actions did not occur, a civil court in New Hampshire may decide that a person or an organization showed negligence or other liability, which warrants damages.

Some individuals or companies may settle out of court, especially if they can avoid the legal finding of liability. A care facility recently paid more than $500,000 in a settlement regarding a man who died after an injury on their premises. The victim’s survivors asserted that a physical therapist skipped an important safety process, leading to a hip fracture that caused fatal complications.

Companies may be more willing to settle if liability in the legal sense would damage their future operations or make it easier for other parties to sue them. As a result, a plaintiff may consider settlement payments that would make them as close to whole as possible.

Legal representation is important when a family or other survivor is considering a lawsuit for wrongful death. A lawyer can help review the options for settlements out of court, mediated negotiations or a jury verdict in civil court.


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