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How to handle an insurance claim

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Insurance companies often try to lowball New Hampshire residents’ claims in order to pad their own bottom line and inflate profits. This is a part of their modus operandi and has been for decades. It starts at the very beginning when the insurance adjuster reviews the claim and tries to cut a check to the claimant.

Chances are that check is far less than the money to which the claimant is entitled. The insurance company knows how much the claim is worth, and they hope that the claimant is merely grateful to get a check as opposed to paying attention to the amount. In almost all instances, the first offer is very low because the insurance company expects that the claimant will try to counteroffer. However, many people do not even know that they have the ability to say no to the initial settlement offer.

That is exactly the course of action that a claimant should take. Instead of accepting the check, they should send their own written letter to the insurance company asking for a specific amount and justifying why they deserve it. The demand letter should be detailed and should contain the documentation that the insurance company will need to assess the claim. One should also ask for more than they ultimately want because the insurance company will still seek to negotiate further.

A car accidents attorney knows how this game is played because they routinely help clients deal with the complicated process of filing a claim. The attorney could advise their client what they could expect in terms of a settlement and when the insurance company’s offer is too low. They may then assist their client in responding to the initial offer and figuring out a negotiating strategy that could result in the best possible settlement.


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