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How to become a safer motorcyclist

| Apr 3, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Spring is here, and countless motorcyclists are dusting off their bikes and hitting the road. You may be among those tearing up the pavement, whether you’re taking a long trip or riding around town. No matter how far you travel, it’s important you do so in a safe manner.

You may already follow the rules of the road. But you may be a menace on wheels or need a refresher. You can keep these tips in mind to keep yourself safer, as well as your fellow cyclists and motorists.

Avoid lane splitting

Lane splitting is illegal in New Hampshire. Yet many motorcyclists think they have the liberty to squeeze between vehicles. Some riders do so because it allows them to get from place to place faster than maintaining their lane. And at low speeds, lane splitting can prove a safe way of getting through a traffic jam. But lane splitting at high speeds poses dangers, especially if motorists aren’t paying attention and sideswipe riders.

Wear your helmet

Motorcycling is safer with a helmet, and you’re required to wear one in New Hampshire. And while passengers over age 18 don’t have to wear helmets, it’s wise for them to do so, too. In an accident, helmets reduce the likelihood of a fatality by 37%. They also decrease the risk of head injury by 69%. While you may love the feeling of the wind in your hair, the numbers don’t lie.

Invest in proper gear

Sporting the right gear is almost as important as wearing a helmet in reducing the chance of injury. A durable jacket will protect your upper body from road rash in a crash. Wearing long pants made from thick material will keep you from burning your legs on your motorcycle’s exhaust system. And boots will protect your feet and grip your bike’s pedals better than shoes will.


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