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Drivers can be more at risk on rural roads than on city roads

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Both urban roads and rural roads come with challenges for drivers in New Hampshire, but the important thing is for drivers to never underestimate the dangers of rural roads. Unfortunately, many drivers do because they are not as familiar with rural roads.

The dangers inherent to rural roads are several. The first is that the lanes and shoulders are narrow, making it hard to pass vehicles and raising the chances of a head-on collision or run-off road incident. The second is the presence of wildlife as well as animals from homes, which tend to be situated close by the roads. The third is the lack of lighting, which can cause problems at night.

Some drivers pose a danger not because they don’t know the dangers but because they don’t expect to be caught by police. These drivers may pose the greatest threat of all in the countryside as they speed, go down the middle of two-lane roads or drive under the influence. Others do themselves a disservice by neglecting their seat belt.

It should be remembered that anyone who crashes in a rural area will receive delayed medical attention. This could make all the difference between life and death. Drivers are encouraged to always be on the defensive and never expect other drivers to watch out for them.

Even when drivers are acting safe, they may be the victims of another’s negligence. When motor vehicle accidents are clearly the result of one driver’s negligence, innocent victims may be able to file a claim and recover financial compensation. New Hampshire follows the 51% rule, which means that anyone less than 51% at fault for a crash can file a claim, but being partially at fault will naturally present difficulties. To help them navigate these difficulties, victims may hire a lawyer.


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