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Drowsy driving has many dangers

| Sep 16, 2020 | Firm News |

People often feel drowsy when fatigue overtakes them. Drowsiness becomes a significant problem, however, when someone chooses to drive. Many people take to the roads in Texas. Residents, tourists, commercial drivers, and others travel on its roads and highways. Hopefully, the Lone Star State drivers will pay close attention to the advice presented during Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. The first week of November in 2020 intends to raise awareness about drowsiness and unsafe driving.

Drowsy driving could lead to falling asleep at the wheel, causing a crash. A driver need not doze off at the wheel to cause an accident. Drowsiness could sap alertness or delay reaction time. A driver lacking alertness and decent reaction skills presents risks.

And drowsy driving comes with risks for fatalities. 2015 saw an estimated 5,000 people die in fatal drowsy driving-related accidents. So, it is no wonder that authorities want to raise awareness about the dangers.

Some might not think drowsy driving is as “egregious” as purposely getting behind the wheel drunk or under the influence of drugs. Regardless, driving without adequate sleep can affect the body in similar ways. Going without sleep for more than 20 hours, incredibly, has effects similar to a .08% blood-alcohol concentration. Millions are likely aware of the dangers of driving while intoxicated, and that is why they’d never do so. However, many millions of people may not realize how potentially hazardous driving while fatigued is.

One intended goal of Drowsy Driving Prevention Week involves raising awareness about fatigued driving. How many people organizers reach remains to be seen. If the media publicizes the event, the message could get out. A strongly delivered message might impact people’s attitudes and behaviors.

Fatigued driving accidents could lead drivers into civil or even criminal troubles. Preventing accidents might prove far less costly than dealing with the aftermath of one.


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