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Does New Hampshire have auto insurance requirements?

| Jan 30, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Drivers who take to New Hampshire roads should follow the rules and do their best to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, accidents and mishaps can still occur no matter how proficient you are at driving. Insurance companies might provide coverage to address a multitude of claims. Drivers, however, may choose to drive without insurance unless compelled to carry insurance by law.

Insurance rules in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, the law does not require drivers to carry auto insurance. The state does recommend people to carry insurance, as coverage could provide financial protection for those facing civil suits. Persons with little or no assets might not worry much, which might complicate things for others.

That said, the state may compel some driver to file an SR-22, proof of insurance, to own or operate a vehicle. Persons convicted of a DWI or those a-fault for an uninsured accident may need to file an SR-22.

Some drivers may worry about uninsured drivers on the road. Those drivers may choose to carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to address any losses.

Liability and uninsured motorists claims might not go as smoothly as expected. An insurance company may find itself in a dispute with claimants, which may complicate settlements.

Insurance companies could face concerns

Insurance companies find themselves bound to the terms of a policy. While required to pay for a policyholder’s liability, insurance companies need not pay when the policyholder is not liable. Are claims of liability in dispute?

And then, there are issues related to the loss assessments. A driver may file an uninsured motorist or liability claim and not agree with the insurance adjuster’s proposal. However, the insurance company might feel its settlement offer is equitable. Unable to come to an agreement with the claimant, the provider might seek assistance from an attorney.

New Hampshire does not require auto insurance, which may complicate motor vehicle accidents. Even when coverage exists, insurance companies might need to hire an attorney to address disputes.


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