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Road hazards to be aware of while riding a motorcycle

On Behalf of | May 5, 2021 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Riding a motorcycle on a New Hampshire highway may be an exciting way to spend an afternoon. However, there are several hazards that you’ll need to watch for while riding your bike. Staying aware of your surroundings may reduce the risk of an accident, which may result in a concussion, broken bones or other serious injuries.

Slick surfaces can make it harder to stay upright

Roads that are covered in leaves, oil or paint can be hazardous for motorcycles because they are lighter than a typical passenger vehicle. Furthermore, because a motorcycle only has two wheels, something as simple as riding in another vehicle’s tracks can cause it to become unstable.

Watch out for animals

It isn’t uncommon to see small animals scurrying across the road in remote areas. You may also encounter larger animals such as deer while traveling outside of major cities. In some cases, a dead creature can be a hazard if you run over it with your bike. If you do see a possum, rabbit or deer in your path, it’s important to stay calm and in control of your bike. It may be necessary to call the authorities if a collision occurs.

Be on the lookout for debris in the road

You may experience serious injuries or extensive property damage after colliding with a downed tree, large rock or other inanimate objects. Objects such as furniture, tires or scrap metal that fall out of vehicles may also increase the risk of motorcycle accidents occurring. If you are involved in an accident caused by debris that fell out of a car, it may be possible to hold the owner of those items liable for his or her actions.

Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident may have a significant impact on your quality of life. However, it may be possible to obtain compensation to help pay medical bills, pay daily expenses or help provide for your children. An attorney may be able to help you obtain a favorable outcome in your personal injury case.


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