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Aggressive Driving Causes Accidents, So Why Do Drivers Do It?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2021 | Firm News |

There is a number of reasons why people drive too fast and recklessly in New Hampshire, ranging from thrill-seeking to wanting to arrive at any particular destination on time. The “get out of my way” mentality is common, but it can lead to road rage as well as serious accidents, so why do drivers do it? Maybe it can be attributed to the fact that many have done it continually and have never been involved in a deadly accident. However, there could be a mental condition impacting this problem as well.

What is narcissism?

Narcissism is much more common than many New Hampshire residents think. It is effectively a feeling of uniqueness and superiority while exhibiting little respect for others, including while behind the wheel and negotiating traffic in a congested driving scenario. The mindset of thinking that they know what they are doing with full capability when driving aggressively is a common attribution for narcissists while in traffic. In fact, for many, the behavior even produces a significant thrill even though other drivers are in the clear defensive driving mode to avoid motor vehicle accidents.

Combating narcissistic driving behavior

There has been coordinated effort among multiple state police organizations to crack down on excessive speeding on the highways. DOT administrations are helping in the project as well, and the goal is to write as many citations as possible to get the attention of aggressive drivers. Even narcissistic drivers do not want to get a ticket or want to go to court, so the hope is that this will curb the enthusiasm of the repeat offenders who get away with aggressive driving regularly.

Of course, police efforts won’t be able to completely eliminate reckless driving; it is so common that it can lead to encouraging others on the highway to drive the same way when competing for driving space on the open road. However, driving defensively may help individuals steer clear of reckless drivers and avoid accidents.


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