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How serious can dog bites be?

When a person or family gets a dog, the children may be fixated on the new personality in their home. However, adults are thinking of the new responsibilities they picked up along with the new pooch. There is training to complete and toys, food, equipment and more to buy. Leashes and perhaps muzzles are early purchases, because people are responsible for the behavior of their dog.

Owners are legally liable for dogs' behavior

When is it safe to be around a dog? Under ideal circumstances, dogs are always well-trained and the humans around them are respectful of their limits. Unfortunately, that's not always the situation, and misunderstandings can devolve into injuries very easily. New Hampshire is home to several attacks by domesticated animals every year.

What can I do to prevent or treat a dog bite?

It is unlikely that a domesticated dog with good training attacks another dog or a human being. But it can happen, either when a canine feels threatened or is experiencing some other imbalance. Although there are legal implications for the owner or caretaker of a dog, there are some safety tips that may make any dog attack less hazardous.

Animal owners are liable for actions beyond animal bites

Dog owners can sometimes end up loving their canine friends more than their human ones. But humans are often hesitant to take responsibility for the actions of dogs, who are motivated by instinct alone. This is why leash laws and other protections are legislated by New Hampshire towns or the government in Concord.

Does a dog bite put the owner in legal trouble?

It is rare that man's best friend become a person's worst nightmare, but it is often shocking when a domesticated dog attacks a person. Children are often the worst hurt victims of dog bites and other animal attacks because the trauma affects more of a child's body and many children do not yet know to approach animals in a guarded manner.

What are the main dangers of a dog attack?

A dog is a man's best friend, but a badly treated or threatened dog can become any person's worst nightmare instantly. Hundreds of adults and a disturbingly large number of children are bitten by dogs each year. And the danger does not stop at the immediate trauma to bone and muscle.

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