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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Roadside prank causes vehicle damage in Hillsborough County

There are quite a few practical concerns that make motorcycles less safe than cars or trucks in New Hampshire and many other states. Bikes have half the number of wheels as other motor vehicles and, although they also have far less mass, that can cause problems gaining and keeping a purchase on the road during tight turns or quick stops. There is also drastically less protection for riders and passengers.

What protection is required for motorcycle riders?

Motorcycles are one of the more fun methods of getting around, although they are also one of the more dangerous ones. Although bikes are not necessarily more likely than cars or trucks to be involved in collisions on the road, their drivers and passengers are more likely to be injured or killed if a collision happens.

Report recommends better motorcycle safety

New Hampshire holds a lot of beauty to be seen from behind handlebars, but there are many hazards in the state to motorcyclists. Tight turns in the wilderness can make it difficult to see bikes coming, and an accident involving a motorcycle is more likely to involve a fatality than a collision of larger vehicles.

Why is biking dangerous in New Hampshire?

From frostbite to lumber yard accidents, New Hampshire is home to several dangers that can cause injury or even death. Although the roads are not particularly more dangerous than many other states, motorcyclists may face many hazards that are worse than those seen by car and truck drivers.

Tips to help you get through your motorcycle test successfully

If you want to ride your motorcycle in New Hampshire, you need the right permit or motorcycle license. It's very important to get it before you get on the road, no matter how proficient you believe yourself to be.

6 tips to make sure drivers see you on your motorcycle

A lot of motorcycle accidents happen simply because other drivers do not see the motorcycles in advance. They merge into them on the interstate, cut them off with left turns and pull out in front of them at intersections. The bikes are so small and fast that they just overlook them, and the ramifications can be catastrophic.

What types of injuries are most common in motorcycle accidents?

Have you ever wondered exactly what injuries you are most likely to suffer if you're in a motorcycle accident? With all of the talk about helmets, for instance, do you assume that head injuries are the most common? Or do helmets provide enough protection that people usually suffer injuries to other parts of their bodies?

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