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Workers' Compensation Archives

Public sector workers will receive reporting protections

Companies from all over the world come to New Hampshire for the expertise and can-do attitude of its workers. Everything from ships to buttons have been manufactured in the Granite State, and many products and services continue that tradition. One of the things that keeps workers happy and productive is the promise of care in the event of an injury or illness on the job.

How does misclassification hurt workers?

Workers in dangerous jobs and industries are often facing the risk of injury on site. The state's promise of workers' compensation in the case of trauma or illness caused by work conditions keeps spirits up when times get tough. But some employers are trying to get around their responsibilities.

Do all businesses need workers' compensation coverage?

Workers' compensation coverage is a requirement for employees in New Hampshire in the case they have to cope with an injury or illness. But it can be a confusing expense for many business owners in the Granite State. Before anyone cuts corners or labors under incorrect ideas about the insurance, managers should review the prerequisites set by the state.

New Hampshire program will help workers on opioids

A storage unit may fall onto people nearby it on a warehouse floor. A conveyor belt may jam in a loading dock. There are many ways that a worker may be hurt or disabled on the job, but they all have one thing in common. They all cause pain, and they all lead victims to seriously consider pain relief.

Court upholds denial of workers' compensation benefits

The process for claiming workers' compensation benefits can be long, difficult and demoralizing. If a person is trying to recover from a workplace injury or work-caused illness, the loss of income can be paralyzing without benefits. Some employees have even been pushed to lie under oath or make false statements on application forms.

How long do workers have to claim workers' compensation?

If you live in New Hampshire, you're more likely to be or know a commercial driver, logger, fisherman or construction worker than if you lived in many other states. Since these are some of the most dangerous professions in the country, people in the Granite State are also more likely to be or know someone who has relied on workers' compensation to recover from an injury on the job.

Workers' compensation denial reversed by New Hampshire court

Workers' compensation has been a guarantee to ease the minds of employees, especially in dangerous jobs, for more than a century. New Hampshire's citizens have learned to expect fair coverage of work-related health problems, and employers enjoy lower costs and insurance rates for workers' compensation than recent history. But the system is not perfect and some workers must fight for their rights.

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