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Wrongful Death Archives

Wrongful death lawsuit settled without liability admission

Society at large finds it just as difficult to deal with the consequences of unexpected losses of life as the families of individual victims. The criminal court system is there to help guide who to punish objectively and rehabilitate them effectively. But their actions are often small comfort to the relatives and friends of people who died before their time.

Mystery surrounds New Hampshire girl's highway death

When a person dies unexpectedly, everything stops. Anyone can guess that such a loss changes a person, but someone who has been through it knows that it can demolish a person. This is especially true for parents and other family members that are very close to victims.

Murder case defendant suggests wrongful death lawsuit

When it comes to murder, culpability for the acts that led to a person's death is usually simple. If a person had the motivation to end a life and took actions to make it happen, that person is guilty of murder. The issue may not be so simple when it comes to civil liability for a death.

Why and how does a person file a wrongful death lawsuit?

There is nothing more shocking and saddening than a sudden death in the family. In the case that someone else caused a death, some families may need financial support to replace the material security offered by the deceased person.

New Hampshire wrongful death lawsuit settled

Lawsuits do not necessarily have to go to court to be resolved to the satisfaction of the plaintiffs. Negotiated settlements or mediated agreements are both options if both parties are willing to work toward a mutual consensus regarding the appropriate financial damages in a case.

Are wrongful death damages limited in New Hampshire?

If someone dies unexpectedly due to someone else's negligence or recklessness, it is a tragedy that often affects others. New Hampshire law restricts financial damages in some wrongful death cases, but a challenge has changed the state's approach to compensation.

New Hampshire agency is defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit

It's hard to put a dollar figure on human suffering, let along the end of a human life. But often, after a tragic accident or collision, financial damages are the only way to make a family whole and stop future harm to others.

Car crash injuries may increase the odds of a stroke

Your spouse, who is just 45 years old, passes away after suffering a stoke. You cannot shake the thought that it was due to a car accident months before. Naturally, there are those who claim your spouse would have had a stroke no matter what, and it was just a matter of time. You don't think that's true.

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