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Why should New Hampshire drivers wear seat belts?

There are not many cars still on American roads that do not have seat belts installed. Nearly all of them are all-terrain vehicles or other special use vehicles. Seat belts are generally considered a lifesaving device, although people in the Granite State have the option of not using them.

Reckless driving may have led to Salem accident

New Hampshire is a small U.S. state but has quite a few roads crossing it. As a result, the Granite State is the location of several motor vehicle accidents every month. Many are the results of chance accidents, while others may be caused by distracted driving or reckless behavior on the road.

Police officer charged in alleged Amherst drunk driving death

Although many of the roads in New Hampshire have dangerous curves and regular traffic problems, traffic deaths in the state are relatively low compared to other states with the same population. However, this is partially because of the vigilance of drivers and the law enforcement officers who monitor their actions.

Concord man arrested after falling asleep behind the wheel

There is always a chance of damage or injury when people take to the roads in cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motor vehicles in New Hampshire. The fatal accident rate for the state hovers just below the middle of nationwide averages, except for some specialized vehicles like snowmobiles that are more common in the Granite State. So New Hampshirites are slightly safer than more Americans behind the wheel.

Winter weather increases risk for New Hampshire drivers

With enviable ski slopes and beautiful mountain passes, New Hampshire is well known around the country for its gorgeous winter weather. Unfortunately, the snow and ice that comes in the winter months is as hazardous as it is beautiful.

New Hampshire sees rise in traffic deaths in 2018

Especially compared to the fast pace of Boston and New York, New Hampshire is a laid-back place that moves at its own speed. It is not likely that the Granite State would be home to the top dangerous activities beyond construction and winter sports, but a disturbing trend indicates unnecessary hazards.

Collision leads to car theft in Manchester parking lot

Highways and streets across New Hampshire have seen their share of accidents, from forgettable fender benders to tragic collisions that cost lives. Speed and reckless driving are often factors in serious accidents, especially in developed areas, and a recent case saw a driver compound irresponsible actions with injury and theft.

New Hampshire company guilty after 3 die in car accident

The roads of New Hampshire must be safe for drivers, passengers and pedestrians to feel comfortable using them. Car owners must refrain from the temptation to drive too quickly, drive while texting or drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol to achieve this.

Nashua man suspected of DUI after highway collision

New Hampshire is the place to live free, but the state's communities rely on people paying attention and fulfilling their obligations. Although accidents can happen, serious injury or death can occur if drivers are inattentive, careless or negligent behind the wheel.

Driving courses may help with anxiety after a crash

You got into an accident, but you didn't cause it. The blame fell squarely on the other driver. Even so, your anxiety goes through the roof any time you're even near a road. You refuse to drive. Just the thought of it threatens to bring on a panic attack.

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