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Car Accidents Archives

Parents must show teens how to avoid distracted driving

Parents have a very important job to do when teaching teens how to drive, though many of them do not realize just how crucial it is. That job is simply to set a good example. This is perhaps most important when considering distracted driving, which is something of a growing epidemic.

Alleged DUI crash kills passenger in New Hampshire

A tragic accident happened in Bath, New Hampshire, when a white 2011 Chevrolet Cruz went out of control while going around a curve in the road. The small passenger car left the street and slammed into a tree. Pictures from the scene show the car sitting in front of the tree with the fender bent back and the hood crumpled up toward a smashed windshield.

16 car accident causes to watch out for on New Hampshire's roads

Do not assume car accidents are random and unavoidable. In many cases, the root causes can be identified, and there may be steps you can take to prevent a crash from happening. Much of this just has to do with being aware of risk factors and staying away from high-risk drivers and situations.

10 driving distractions that make the highways unsafe

It's clear from the staggering annual accident statistics that the road simply isn't as safe as most people assume it is. You may feel like serious car accidents only happen to other people, but the reality is that driving is one of the most dangerous forms of transportation. You're taking a serious risk every time you get behind the wheel.

Lawmaker calls for technology to keep roads safe

A lawmaker in the state of Maine is calling for technology to help make roads safer, not just in Maine but in neighboring New Hampshire too. The lawmaker, who represents York, cited a recent fatal accident in New Hampshire as the reason for the call for change on the major roadways, including the Maine Turnpike. The lawmaker also mentions a decrease in funding needed for regular tolls and a better impact on the environment.

Multi-car crash kills 1 and sends others to hospital

A multi-car crash in Merrimack killed one and sent others to the hospital in the overnight hours Sunday into Monday. The crash resulted in the closure of the F. E. Everett Turnpike for more than four hours as officials investigated the crash. According to authorities, the person killed in the crash was an 18-year-old male who was pronounced dead at the crash site.

Managing car crash injuries

Car accidents that make the news headlines usually have at least one serious injury or fatality. Sometimes, they have some component that is so unusual that people will want to know about it. The cases that don't make the news are the ones that are considered run of the mill. The injuries in these can range from bruising to spinal cord or brain injuries.

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