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Man leads police on chase while transporting 4-year-old child

Two New Hampshire state troopers, their K-9 companion and a suspect fell into ice on Milton Three Ponds following an extended chase through the states of Maine and New Hampshire. According to the story from Jan. 27, the suspect had been fleeing from Maine with a child in the back seat of his Chevy 2500 pick-up truck.

Use these tips to stay safe on icy roads

Driving safely when there's ice and snow can be difficult, but with a few tips you can make sure you stay safe on the roads. First, remember that you shouldn't drive at normal speeds on an icy road. When the roads are icy, no vehicle should travel over 45 mph. Even traveling as slow as 10 mph can lead to you sliding off the roads, so slow down.

Staying safe on the roads starts at home

Being prepared for winter is a must-do in New Hampshire; the snow and ice can hit suddenly, and cold, frigid temperatures make it hard to get around without planning. Since there are additional hazards in winter, it's wise to take some time to prepare. For example, before you even leave your home, you should look up the weather conditions for the day. Knowing that a snow storm is rolling in can help you arrange your travels when you're least likely to get caught in it.

2 runners injured in crash involving teenager

Pedestrians are always at risk when they're on or near roads, but drivers need to be careful when they know that others could be on the roads or near them while running, biking or participating in other activities. If a runner or pedestrian is obeying the law and gets hit by a driver, then that driver should be held accountable and cover the expenses of the pedestrian's recovery.

1 killed in 5-vehicle crash on Interstate 93

Paying attention when you drive is of the utmost importance, especially when there could be stopped traffic or upcoming construction zones. If a driver is speeding or moving too quickly to stop suddenly, then there's a risk that a crash could occur like in this case involving the death of a woman who was hit while slowing down on the highway.

What are some dangers of fall driving?

With autumn approaching, there are some exciting times ahead. Fall holidays are close, and evening football games at local high schools kick into high gear. While autumn can be an entertaining time, it can also mean there are extra dangers on the roads. If you're involved in a crash, it could mean filing a lawsuit to get compensated for your vehicle's damages and any injuries you've suffered.

What happens after a fatal accident takes a life?

When your loved one is killed in an accident, the last thing you want to do is mess with the legal side of affairs. You're already hurting, and you have to help your family through this difficult time. Your attorney can help you by taking care of many legal issues you may want to consider, like starting a claim against the driver who struck your loved one. If that driver doesn't have insurance, your attorney can also help you fight for compensation through a civil lawsuit.

How many people are affected by impaired driving every day?

Impaired driving affects many people every day. Imagine driving down the street in the evening; anyone who is driving next to you may have come from a bar or restaurant where alcohol was served. If one of these drivers had too much to drink, your life could be put at risk, or you could be involved in a serious accident that leaves you with lasting injuries.

You can file a claim in a case of vicarious liability

Getting into a car accident is a painful and troublesome event. You may have severe injuries to recover from, and the last thing you want to do is mess with the legal side of things. Fortunately, your attorney can step in while you recover, so you don't have to make unnecessary trips to court or negotiate a settlement on your own.

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