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Business Litigation Law

Protecting Your Interests In Business Litigation

Every business, at one time or another, will probably face a business dispute that ends up in court. A partnership dispute, a breach of contract claim, debt collection or questions from a regulatory body can pull your attention away from managing your business. The attorneys at Boynton, Waldron, Doleac, Woodman & Scott, P.A., in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, have the experience to help.

Your business comes first. A legal dispute should not interrupt your business or turn it into a legal battleground. The business lawyers at Boynton, Waldron, Doleac, Woodman & Scott, P.A. understand that.

Business disputes need quick, cost-effective resolutions. In most cases, an early resolution will be less expensive. It is especially important not to allow a business dispute to be a distraction from what you do best — running your business. Our business litigation attorneys represent clients involved in shareholder disputes, partnership disputes, debt collection, breach of contract and unfair competition.

Mediation or arbitration can often resolve problems. By submitting a dispute to mediation or arbitration, the problem is likely to be resolved in far less time and at far less cost than going to trial. We have certified mediators at our law firm. We can mediate your dispute or represent your business in mediation or arbitration.

We represent clients before government regulators. Our law firm has served businesses in the seacoast area since 1920. We have extensive knowledge and experience with local, state and federal regulatory agencies. Our attorneys represent clients before securities commissions, environmental agencies, employment commissions, real estate commissions, zoning boards and other bodies.

We know the seacoast business community well, and we are prepared to represent your company in business litigation. 

We represent clients in New Hampshire, Maine, and northern Massachusetts. Regardless of the legal problem, you can benefit from the experience that comes from a century of service to our community.

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