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Slip And Fall

Owners Are Responsible For Unsafe Property Accidents

The owner of any public establishment — a restaurant, a grocery store, a hotel, an amusement park, a retail complex or an apartment building — is responsible for keeping the property safe for people who visit that property. Slip-and-falls and other premises liability accidents can be difficult personal injury claims to pursue, but the attorneys at Boynton, Waldron, Doleac, Woodman & Scott, P.A., have the necessary experience, resources and abilities.

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In Portsmouth and the surrounding areas of the New Hampshire seacoast, our law firm and our personal injury attorneys have a reputation for creative, effective approaches to slip-and-fall and other personal injury cases.

Was the slip-and-fall caused by poor maintenance? It can be difficult to define what caused a slip-and-fall accident. A slippery floor might have caused the fall, but why was the floor slippery? In many cases, the owner should have known about the slippery condition and cleaned it up before someone was injured.

We know how to deal with multiple parties. In many premises liability accidents, more than one party is at fault. The owner has overall responsibility for maintaining safe premises, but the situation may have been caused by a maintenance company, a vendor who stacked merchandise dangerously, or a contractor who failed to build a railing or stairs safely. The more serious the injuries, the more important it is to maximize compensation.

Ask a lawyer if you have a case. Not every slip-and-fall accident amounts to a premises liability claim. An experienced personal injury attorney can evaluate the situation and assess whether you have cause for a claim for damages. Our lawyers have experience and thorough knowledge of personal injury law.

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