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Personal Injury FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injuries

Boynton, Waldron, Doleac, Woodman & Scott, P.A., helps many people in our area find direction for legal problems and answers to questions like the following after an accidental injury.

Do I have a personal injury claim?

This is the No. 1 question that brings people our way. After a car accident, a dog bite or a slip-and-fall accident, the injured person or family members suddenly face uncertain challenges such as how to pay medical bills, how to recover lost earnings and how to overcome pain and suffering. To answer this question, any knowledgeable plaintiff’s lawyer will need to know the facts. We urge you not to sign anything, make statements or accept low-ball settlement offers without consulting with a lawyer.

How much is my personal injury claim worth?

For a likely estimate, consult with an attorney who handles personal injury cases regularly. One thing you can count on, in the meantime, is this: If your insurance company or any insurance company makes a quick offer, it is very likely less than what the case is worth.

Will my personal injury claim go to trial?

This rarely happens but it is not out of the question. Skilled personal injury lawyers at Boynton, Waldron, Doleac, Woodman & Scott, P.A., often succeed at recovering ample settlements through presentation of well-documented claims in negotiations.

What if the insurance company’s offer is too low?

This is similar to questions like, “What should I do if it rains?” or “What should I do if my electric company raises rates too high?” In other words, it is not at all surprising to hear an insurance company’s low offer. The benefit of working with our law firm is the depth of experience we bring. We counsel our clients well so they are ready to act in their best interests when they face a question of whether to accept an offer, press for more or take a case to trial.

Do I need a personal injury lawyer?

If your injuries are minor, if you have excellent health insurance and if your property damage is minor, and you are prepared to accept whatever an insurer offers you — even if it is nothing — then you can probably do without a personal injury attorney. On the other hand, you should realize that the other side may turn the tables and say you are to blame. You could end up in a much more difficult situation than expected if you try to resolve your injury claim without legal representation.

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