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Do all businesses need workers' compensation coverage?

Workers' compensation coverage is a requirement for employees in New Hampshire in the case they have to cope with an injury or illness. But it can be a confusing expense for many business owners in the Granite State. Before anyone cuts corners or labors under incorrect ideas about the insurance, managers should review the prerequisites set by the state.

Are there any types of employees who do not require workers' compensation coverage?

Mystery surrounds New Hampshire girl's highway death

When a person dies unexpectedly, everything stops. Anyone can guess that such a loss changes a person, but someone who has been through it knows that it can demolish a person. This is especially true for parents and other family members that are very close to victims.

A New Hampshire mother is looking for answers since the death of their daughter in a crash on Interstate 495 across the border with Massachusetts. Initial reports from officers suggested the 18-year-old was driving the car in which she died, but a statement later claimed a 19-year-old from a Bay State town just south of Salem, N.H., was the driver.

Roadside prank causes vehicle damage in Hillsborough County

There are quite a few practical concerns that make motorcycles less safe than cars or trucks in New Hampshire and many other states. Bikes have half the number of wheels as other motor vehicles and, although they also have far less mass, that can cause problems gaining and keeping a purchase on the road during tight turns or quick stops. There is also drastically less protection for riders and passengers.

There are plenty of hazards involving others on the road, but most of them are distracted drivers or people not used to being safe around bikers. A lawsuit for personal injury or wrongful death may result if a driver showed negligence or an active attempt to cause damage with a specific action.

Concord man arrested after falling asleep behind the wheel

There is always a chance of damage or injury when people take to the roads in cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motor vehicles in New Hampshire. The fatal accident rate for the state hovers just below the middle of nationwide averages, except for some specialized vehicles like snowmobiles that are more common in the Granite State. So New Hampshirites are slightly safer than more Americans behind the wheel.

The state still has its share of irresponsible drivers beyond people are just caught up in accidents that may be unavoidable. Drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs still comes up as a factor in accidents or pullovers. One Concord man accused of drunk driving nearly destroyed the police cruisers assigned to his arresting officers.

What can I do to prevent or treat a dog bite?

It is unlikely that a domesticated dog with good training attacks another dog or a human being. But it can happen, either when a canine feels threatened or is experiencing some other imbalance. Although there are legal implications for the owner or caretaker of a dog, there are some safety tips that may make any dog attack less hazardous.

What is the best way to prevent a dog bite?

New Hampshire program will help workers on opioids

A storage unit may fall onto people nearby it on a warehouse floor. A conveyor belt may jam in a loading dock. There are many ways that a worker may be hurt or disabled on the job, but they all have one thing in common. They all cause pain, and they all lead victims to seriously consider pain relief.

There is concern in New Hampshire that many people hurt on worksites or in offices are getting addicted to pain killers during their recovery. The state's Department of Labor will launch a mediation program to move injured workers off any dependency on specific types of pain killers, including oxycontin and other opioid pharmaceuticals.

Murder case defendant suggests wrongful death lawsuit

When it comes to murder, culpability for the acts that led to a person's death is usually simple. If a person had the motivation to end a life and took actions to make it happen, that person is guilty of murder. The issue may not be so simple when it comes to civil liability for a death.

The criminal trial of the defendant in a murder case is underway. A 51-year-old Merrimack man is suspected of strangling his ex-fiancee after she ended their relationship. They began dating six months earlier when the suspect was released from prison on parole. The defendant sent a letter to a local newspaper blaming the Department of Corrections and the Parole Board in New Hampshire for the death. He suggested that the victim's family file a wrongful death lawsuit against the Granite State's correctional system for failing to address the suspect's mental health.

What protection is required for motorcycle riders?

Motorcycles are one of the more fun methods of getting around, although they are also one of the more dangerous ones. Although bikes are not necessarily more likely than cars or trucks to be involved in collisions on the road, their drivers and passengers are more likely to be injured or killed if a collision happens.

What protection is required for motorcycle riders?

Winter weather increases risk for New Hampshire drivers

With enviable ski slopes and beautiful mountain passes, New Hampshire is well known around the country for its gorgeous winter weather. Unfortunately, the snow and ice that comes in the winter months is as hazardous as it is beautiful.

Any amount of ice, snow or freezing rain brings increased risk to drivers by making road surfaces slippery. Significant snowfall or ice storms adds the hazard of lower visibility. An overnight snowstorm in many parts of New Hampshire was the probable cause of more than 130 motor vehicle accidents in less than 19 hours across the state.

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