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Why is biking dangerous in New Hampshire?

From frostbite to lumber yard accidents, New Hampshire is home to several dangers that can cause injury or even death. Although the roads are not particularly more dangerous than many other states, motorcyclists may face many hazards that are worse than those seen by car and truck drivers.

How dangerous is New Hampshire for bikers?

Collision leads to car theft in Manchester parking lot

Highways and streets across New Hampshire have seen their share of accidents, from forgettable fender benders to tragic collisions that cost lives. Speed and reckless driving are often factors in serious accidents, especially in developed areas, and a recent case saw a driver compound irresponsible actions with injury and theft.

A man was driving a sedan at high speed through a parking lot at the Mall of New Hampshire when he struck another car occupied by a 67-year-old female driver. That person received injuries in the crash along with the 27-year-old passenger in the speeding car. When another driver stopped to help, the man stole his car and fled the scene.

What are the main dangers of a dog attack?

A dog is a man's best friend, but a badly treated or threatened dog can become any person's worst nightmare instantly. Hundreds of adults and a disturbingly large number of children are bitten by dogs each year. And the danger does not stop at the immediate trauma to bone and muscle.

  • What are the main health concerns with dog bites?

A dog bite may be more complicated than the obvious puncture wounds from the canine's teeth. Dogs can carry bacteria or viruses that may be transmitted from blood or saliva to the victim of a dog attack. The most famous and troublesome condition from an animal bite is acute viral encephalomyelitis, commonly known as rabies.

  • How does rabies work?

Workers' compensation denial reversed by New Hampshire court

Workers' compensation has been a guarantee to ease the minds of employees, especially in dangerous jobs, for more than a century. New Hampshire's citizens have learned to expect fair coverage of work-related health problems, and employers enjoy lower costs and insurance rates for workers' compensation than recent history. But the system is not perfect and some workers must fight for their rights.

A home health aide in the Laconia area faced a problem with an injury claim related to a slip and fall on a private premises. One of the woman's duties at a Gilford client's house was garbage removal, which brought her into the garage on occasion. She tripped on the step between the garage and the house, falling and breaking her hand.

Are wrongful death damages limited in New Hampshire?

If someone dies unexpectedly due to someone else's negligence or recklessness, it is a tragedy that often affects others. New Hampshire law restricts financial damages in some wrongful death cases, but a challenge has changed the state's approach to compensation.

What are damages in a wrongful death lawsuit?

New Hampshire company guilty after 3 die in car accident

The roads of New Hampshire must be safe for drivers, passengers and pedestrians to feel comfortable using them. Car owners must refrain from the temptation to drive too quickly, drive while texting or drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol to achieve this.

If accidents happen, one of the first questions after ensuring people's safety is who may be blamed for the consequences. Drivers are generally responsible for their own actions, but other people or organizations may be culpable for actions or inaction that caused a preventable tragedy.

Are dogs dangerous to children?

Dogs are a big part of life in America, and often an integral experience while growing up. Although dogs are generally gentle and friendly, they may be accidentally provoked by human behavior, especially among children.

What is the specific danger of dog bites for children?

Workers' compensation laws change under union pressure

Workers' compensation has become a sacred trust for thousands of workers who sacrifice their health for a job well-done. From an early start as laws guaranteeing workers' rights to sue employers, the federal and state requirements for workers' compensation are nearly automatic in the case of a serious injury on the worksite.

Many injured people and their families find their own money disappearing while they recover from a workplace injury. The difference between workers' compensation coverage and expenses that eat into someone's savings or insurance deductible can mean saving or losing thousands of dollars.

New Hampshire agency is defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit

It's hard to put a dollar figure on human suffering, let along the end of a human life. But often, after a tragic accident or collision, financial damages are the only way to make a family whole and stop future harm to others.

Wrongful death lawsuits are often directed at a person who directly caused a fatal injury or the person responsible for a dangerous environment. On occasion, government agencies may be held legally responsible for a situation that their employees should have prevented.

What's the best way to avoid motorcycle injuries?

If you're seeing the Granite State from over handlebars, you should also be seeing them through a helmet visor. Are you practicing safe biking during your trips through New Hampshire?

Is it illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet?

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