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Wrongful death lawsuit settled without liability admission

Society at large finds it just as difficult to deal with the consequences of unexpected losses of life as the families of individual victims. The criminal court system is there to help guide who to punish objectively and rehabilitate them effectively. But their actions are often small comfort to the relatives and friends of people who died before their time.

The civil court system helps these people claim damages to help cope with the economic or emotional losses brought by death. Even if criminal actions did not occur, a civil court in New Hampshire may decide that a person or an organization showed negligence or other liability, which warrants damages.

Keene motorcycle accident causes injuries

From the wide coastal roads in Portsmouth to the mountains near the Canadian border, New Hampshire is highly appealing to motorcyclists. The springtime brings local and distant bikers to the Granite State seeking the ride of the season. Unfortunately, that also brings an uptick in motorcycle accidents.

Collisions can be very dangerous, causing serious injury or even death to an unprotected biker. A man from Keene was injured in his hometown when his motorcycle struck a sport utility vehicle as it attempted a left turn off of Route 9.

Reckless driving may have led to Salem accident

New Hampshire is a small U.S. state but has quite a few roads crossing it. As a result, the Granite State is the location of several motor vehicle accidents every month. Many are the results of chance accidents, while others may be caused by distracted driving or reckless behavior on the road.

New Hampshire State Police say that excessive speed and erratic driving is probably to blame for a multi-vehicle accident on the southbound side of Interstate 93 near Salem. The Monday evening incident began when a sedan driven by a 21-year-old Massachusetts man changed lanes, and the driver lost control. One of the vehicles involved was hit by the sedan was a minivan carrying two elderly people and their 56-year-old daughter.

Owners are legally liable for dogs' behavior

When is it safe to be around a dog? Under ideal circumstances, dogs are always well-trained and the humans around them are respectful of their limits. Unfortunately, that's not always the situation, and misunderstandings can devolve into injuries very easily. New Hampshire is home to several attacks by domesticated animals every year.

All dog bites must be attended by medical professionals to ensure that initial trauma does not end up causing infection or worse. Most do not cause complications that prove to be fatal, but that is possible especially for children and elderly people. People with smaller bodies or compromised immune systems may have specific risks for dog bites.

How does misclassification hurt workers?

Workers in dangerous jobs and industries are often facing the risk of injury on site. The state's promise of workers' compensation in the case of trauma or illness caused by work conditions keeps spirits up when times get tough. But some employers are trying to get around their responsibilities.

What is employee misclassification?

How does wrongful death work in New Hampshire?

It's always hard to deal with death. It's especially hard when you don't see it coming and when someone else may be responsible. Although it is often hollow comfort, financial damages can help with recovery.

Who can sue for wrongful death in New Hampshire?

What are the best ways to stay safe on a motorcycle?

Although the noise of the engine would suggest otherwise, motorcycles can sneak up on the drivers of car, trucks and buses. New Hampshire's mountains and coastal hills have a lot of winding roads where high speeds are inadvisable in the best of circumstances. In springtime, when more bikers take to the road, the time to take extra care for the two-wheeled vehicles has come.

What is the best protection for motorcycle drivers and passengers?

Police officer charged in alleged Amherst drunk driving death

Although many of the roads in New Hampshire have dangerous curves and regular traffic problems, traffic deaths in the state are relatively low compared to other states with the same population. However, this is partially because of the vigilance of drivers and the law enforcement officers who monitor their actions.

Police officers are not above the law, however. They can make the same mistakes as other drivers, especially when they are off-duty. A 27-year-old police officer in Rockingham County was arrested in connection with a drunk driving incident in Amherst that killed a local 21-year-old woman earlier this month.

Do all businesses need workers' compensation coverage?

Workers' compensation coverage is a requirement for employees in New Hampshire in the case they have to cope with an injury or illness. But it can be a confusing expense for many business owners in the Granite State. Before anyone cuts corners or labors under incorrect ideas about the insurance, managers should review the prerequisites set by the state.

Are there any types of employees who do not require workers' compensation coverage?

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