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Winter weather increases risk for New Hampshire drivers

With enviable ski slopes and beautiful mountain passes, New Hampshire is well known around the country for its gorgeous winter weather. Unfortunately, the snow and ice that comes in the winter months is as hazardous as it is beautiful.

Any amount of ice, snow or freezing rain brings increased risk to drivers by making road surfaces slippery. Significant snowfall or ice storms adds the hazard of lower visibility. An overnight snowstorm in many parts of New Hampshire was the probable cause of more than 130 motor vehicle accidents in less than 19 hours across the state.

Animal owners are liable for actions beyond animal bites

Dog owners can sometimes end up loving their canine friends more than their human ones. But humans are often hesitant to take responsibility for the actions of dogs, who are motivated by instinct alone. This is why leash laws and other protections are legislated by New Hampshire towns or the government in Concord.

Although dog bites and dog-related injuries are rare enough in the Granite State, state law makes animal owners or caretakers responsible for the damaging or injurious actions of any domestic animals. This also includes injury or death of other domestic animals owned by other people.

Court upholds denial of workers' compensation benefits

The process for claiming workers' compensation benefits can be long, difficult and demoralizing. If a person is trying to recover from a workplace injury or work-caused illness, the loss of income can be paralyzing without benefits. Some employees have even been pushed to lie under oath or make false statements on application forms.

No matter how desperate the situation may seem, it is vital that applicants for benefits tell the truth in hearings or on documents related to workers' compensation. Any deception may disqualify workers from receiving benefits even if the merits of their case deserved them.

Why and how does a person file a wrongful death lawsuit?

There is nothing more shocking and saddening than a sudden death in the family. In the case that someone else caused a death, some families may need financial support to replace the material security offered by the deceased person.

Why would a person be sued for wrongful death?

Report recommends better motorcycle safety

New Hampshire holds a lot of beauty to be seen from behind handlebars, but there are many hazards in the state to motorcyclists. Tight turns in the wilderness can make it difficult to see bikes coming, and an accident involving a motorcycle is more likely to involve a fatality than a collision of larger vehicles.

A study by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) uncovered some of the most common risk factors in types of motorcycle accidents. The goal of the report was to recommend safer devices and procedures for motorcycles and the cars and trucks around them.

New Hampshire sees rise in traffic deaths in 2018

Especially compared to the fast pace of Boston and New York, New Hampshire is a laid-back place that moves at its own speed. It is not likely that the Granite State would be home to the top dangerous activities beyond construction and winter sports, but a disturbing trend indicates unnecessary hazards.

There were at least 142 fatal car crashes in New Hampshire during 2018, which is nearly a 50 percent increase in traffic-related deaths from the previous year. Some counties saw their traffic fatality rates more than double from 2017 into 2018. Seven people died on the roads of New Hampshire just in the 10-day period before December 21, 2018.

What are the best ways to avoid motorcycle crashes?

It's easy to enjoy New Hampshire by motorcycle, and it's just as easy to avoid motorcycle crashes. The state's highway safety plan teaches us a lot about the causes and factors of serious accidents.

Is it getting safer to ride a motorcycle in New Hampshire?

Does a dog bite put the owner in legal trouble?

It is rare that man's best friend become a person's worst nightmare, but it is often shocking when a domesticated dog attacks a person. Children are often the worst hurt victims of dog bites and other animal attacks because the trauma affects more of a child's body and many children do not yet know to approach animals in a guarded manner.

Does New Hampshire identify dangerous dogs?

How long do workers have to claim workers' compensation?

If you live in New Hampshire, you're more likely to be or know a commercial driver, logger, fisherman or construction worker than if you lived in many other states. Since these are some of the most dangerous professions in the country, people in the Granite State are also more likely to be or know someone who has relied on workers' compensation to recover from an injury on the job.

How long do employees have to inform employers after an injury?

New Hampshire wrongful death lawsuit settled

Lawsuits do not necessarily have to go to court to be resolved to the satisfaction of the plaintiffs. Negotiated settlements or mediated agreements are both options if both parties are willing to work toward a mutual consensus regarding the appropriate financial damages in a case.

Court records from proceedings in Laconia show that a wrongful death lawsuit against a nursing home has been settled by the owners of the facility and the executors of the victim's estate. The case involves an 82-year-old woman who died of injuries sustained while under care in the Laconia assisted-living facility.

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