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Tips to help reduce a scar after a dog bite

A dog bite can put you in the hospital with serious pain and suffering. It can lead to infection, and you may need follow-up medical treatment. There are potentially serious physical ramifications.

It is important to remember that the physical injuries may not heal entirely. One of the biggest complications is the development of scars that can lead to permanent disfigurement. This can make you feel self-conscious, it can impact your employment prospects and it can even change your personal relationships.

Potential signs of a pulmonary contusion

The trauma from a car accident can lead to serious internal injuries, even in cases where you do not appear to suffer significant external injuries. It is very important to know what signs and symptoms to watch out for so that you can seek immediate medical attention. Some internal injuries can be fatal if left untreated.

One serious injury to be aware of is a pulmonary contusion, or a bruised lung. Some common symptoms include:

  • Shortness of breath, as if you cannot take full, deep breaths even when concentrating on it
  • General pain in your chest, especially while you breathe
  • Significant coughing that is not caused by anything else
  • Low energy levels, which could be tied to more shallow breathing
  • An increased heart rate as your body struggles to move oxygen to your organs
  • Wheezing when you try to breathe or exert yourself
  • Rapid breathing, which usually means taking more shallow breaths
  • Skin that feels clammy and cool
  • A drop in your blood pressure
  • Skin that appears slightly blue, which is known as cyanosis
  • A crackling sound that you can hear within your chest
  • Coughing up even a small amount of blood, which is known as hemoptysis

Car crash injuries may increase the odds of a stroke

Your spouse, who is just 45 years old, passes away after suffering a stoke. You cannot shake the thought that it was due to a car accident months before. Naturally, there are those who claim your spouse would have had a stroke no matter what, and it was just a matter of time. You don't think that's true.

You may be right. According to the American Stroke Association, the odds are three times higher that someone under 50 years old will have an ischemic stroke if they suffered a head or neck injury.

3 reasons the other driver is responsible for an accident

When a car accident happens, it often occurs very quickly. It's chaotic and confusing. Even though you were directly involved, you may have no idea what happened unless you have dash camera footage you can review after the wreck. Many drivers instantly wonder if they made a mistake and caused the crash or if the other driver was at fault.

This is why it is often not wise to admit fault at the accident scene. You may honestly think you caused the crash, but it is very hard to know for sure, and you do not want to say anything to incriminate yourself without taking the time to gather all possible information.

6 tips to make sure drivers see you on your motorcycle

A lot of motorcycle accidents happen simply because other drivers do not see the motorcycles in advance. They merge into them on the interstate, cut them off with left turns and pull out in front of them at intersections. The bikes are so small and fast that they just overlook them, and the ramifications can be catastrophic.

How do you help drivers see you on your motorcycle so that you can avoid these accidents? Below are six useful tips:

  1. Do not buy a black motorcycle. It blends into the pavement. Buy a brightly colored one, in red, green, orange or yellow.
  2. Touch your brakes every now and again. Tapping them lights up that back light. Even if you do not plan to stop, it gets the attention of drivers behind you.
  3. Use reflective tape. A single strip of tape running across the top of your windscreen could save your life, catching the lights of oncoming cars.
  4. Wear bright clothing designed for high visibility. There is a reason road workers have bright green vests with reflective strips on them. Make yourself and your bike as visible as you can.
  5. Avoid blind spots whenever possible. Part of being seen is being conscious of where you ride and staying in areas where you're more visible.
  6. Add extra lights. If you worry that the main lights are not enough at night, add auxiliary lights, both to help you see and to make you more visible in the dark.

Fourth of July accident puts teen in critical condition

A teenager from Boscawen got in a car crash on the Fourth of July, which is notoriously one of the most dangerous days to drive. Unfortunately, he was still in critical condition as of the last reports.

It appears that the young man, who is just 16 years old, was a passenger in a car that crashed. He had plans to go tubing with three of his friends, who are also teenagers. That update comes from a CaringBridge profile set up by his family.

Dog bites: A leading cause of injury among children

There is no question that the family pet is a loving, friendly dog. The problem is that even the friendliest animals can become aggressive given the right circumstances. Much like people can lash out when they're sick, frightened or threatened, dogs can, too.

When you think about your dog or one that belongs to a friend or colleague, you may not think a bite could ever happen. However, the risks are high, especially for young children. Toddlers and infants of up to 2 years old are at the highest risk of being bitten by a dog and make up the largest group of people treated for bite wounds each year. The problem isn't necessarily with the pet, but instead with the inability to teach children how to interact with them safely.

Drivers can turn off iPhone safety features

Texting and driving causes a lot of accidents, and many of those drivers use an iPhone, as it is one of the most popular types of smartphone. Apple, the company that produces the iPhone, has faced some heat from critics over the years, and people have said they should make it impossible for drivers to text.

Even though many people still blame the user, and not the product, Apple did create a system that locks down the phone when it is in a car. It detects when you are driving and shuts off all notifications. It also locks the screen.

Study claims chihuahuas are more aggressive than pit bulls

Ask most people what the most dangerous type of dog is, and they will probably tell you it is the pit bull. These dogs definitely have a reputation, to the point that some people will not even consider owning them.

However, a recent study just asked thousands of dog owners about their dogs' attitudes. It posed different scenarios -- like coming into contact with a brand new dog at the dog park -- and asked how aggressive their dogs were.

Parents must show teens how to avoid distracted driving

Parents have a very important job to do when teaching teens how to drive, though many of them do not realize just how crucial it is. That job is simply to set a good example. This is perhaps most important when considering distracted driving, which is something of a growing epidemic.

Teens can hear that distracted driving is dangerous many times. They can read the statistics. They can have instructors tell them not to do it in drivers' ed. However, where they really pick up their habits is from their parents. They learn from the example that their parents set.

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