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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

How to make yourself visible on a motorcycle

Are you planning to go for a ride on your motorcycle this fall in Portsmouth? If so, you will want to enact as many safety procedures as possible. Riding is dangerous but it doesn't have to be deadly. An excellent way to keep yourself safe on the roads of New Hampshire is to make yourself as visible as possible to other motorists. Here are some tips to follow.

Avoiding common motorcycle accidents in New Hampshire

Riding a motorcycle in New Hampshire can be thrilling and peaceful all at the same time. With fall rapidly approaching, many motorcycle riders will be heading out to take in the beautiful foliage throughout the state. With more motorcycles on the road, the dangers for riders can become worse. Here's some tips for avoiding common motorcycle accidents.

Safety tips for older motorcyclists now returning to the road

There seem to be two distinct groups of motorcyclists on the road today: young folks who are just starting out and silver riders -- the folks who put away their bikes when their children were young but are dusting them back off again and making them part of their retirement plans.

Why motorcyclists are like soldiers in battle

If you've ever been to battle -- in a real combat situation -- you know that that this analogy doesn't come close to being accurate, but perhaps it could serve an important purpose. When you go out on the road on a motorcycle, you need to be as careful and attentive to details as a soldier going into battle.

Man killed, evidence not to be suppressed in New Hampshire trial

A man who tested above the legal limit for intoxication following a fatal crash requested that evidence be suppressed in the case against him. The news has reported that the request has been denied, thanks to the orders of the judge.

How can you keep safe on a motorcycle in the autumn and winter?

There are a number of risks that motorcyclists face on the roads, and in the autumn and winter, they can become more dangerous than ever. Things like potholes and changing weather conditions can impact one's ability to ride safely, and other drivers may not be thinking about motorcyclists being on the road because of the time of year.

You can avoid a crash with training and observation

Data has shown that the highest risk of being involved in an accident on a motorcycle takes place when a rider is new to the roads. For example, in the story of one man, he recounted receiving a motorcycle for his 40th birthday party. He took a weekend training course and got a New York license soon after. Within a couple of months, he had dropped the bicycle twice while he was riding. Both of those times, his main injury was only his pride; he admits that both times, he was cocky and fortunate that he dropped his bike at a standstill.

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