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Tips for cleaning dog bites to prevent infection

If you are bitten by a dog, you want to take steps immediately to clean the wound so that it will not get infected. Infections can lead to serious complications and make the injury far worse. Taking action quickly can often -- but not always -- prevent them.

Explaining landlord liability in tenant dog bite cases

The landlord of a property can be held liable for a variety of reasons. One reason that might surprise you is that the dog of a tenant bit another person. For the most part, the tenant in these cases is held liable for a dog bite and not the landlord. But, there are times when the landlord and the tenant can be held liable in such a case in Portsmouth.

How to treat injuries and prevent infection after dog bites

If you have suffered a dog bite in Portsmouth, you will want to keep an eye on the area as much as possible. Once you have received medical care for the bite, you will need to care for it in an effort to prevent infection. Here are some tips for treating bite injuries so you can prevent infection after you've been bitten by a dog.

Seek medical care then make a plan for legal action after a bite

Dog bites can lead to disfiguring injuries. The way that the dog bite impacts your life depends on several factors, including where on your body it occurred, the severity of the bite, and other factors like whether an infection set in.

Who's responsible for a bite on a school trip?

Imagine allowing your child to go on a field trip to the zoo, only to later find out that your child was bitten by an animal. Who would you be able to blame? Would it be the zoo's responsibility to keep your child safe or the school's job? You signed a waiver for your child to take the trip, so does it apply now?

Pit bulls euthanized after attacking 3 adults

The owner of two pit bulls was apologetic when pleading guilty to two charges of dog at large in the Seabrook District Court. "We apologize and we're very, very sorry," the owner of the dogs said. "I hope everything looks good for (the victims) in the future."

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