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New Hampshire company guilty after 3 die in car accident

The roads of New Hampshire must be safe for drivers, passengers and pedestrians to feel comfortable using them. Car owners must refrain from the temptation to drive too quickly, drive while texting or drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol to achieve this.

Nashua man suspected of DUI after highway collision

New Hampshire is the place to live free, but the state's communities rely on people paying attention and fulfilling their obligations. Although accidents can happen, serious injury or death can occur if drivers are inattentive, careless or negligent behind the wheel.

Driving courses may help with anxiety after a crash

You got into an accident, but you didn't cause it. The blame fell squarely on the other driver. Even so, your anxiety goes through the roof any time you're even near a road. You refuse to drive. Just the thought of it threatens to bring on a panic attack.

Potential signs of a pulmonary contusion

The trauma from a car accident can lead to serious internal injuries, even in cases where you do not appear to suffer significant external injuries. It is very important to know what signs and symptoms to watch out for so that you can seek immediate medical attention. Some internal injuries can be fatal if left untreated.

3 reasons the other driver is responsible for an accident

When a car accident happens, it often occurs very quickly. It's chaotic and confusing. Even though you were directly involved, you may have no idea what happened unless you have dash camera footage you can review after the wreck. Many drivers instantly wonder if they made a mistake and caused the crash or if the other driver was at fault.

Drivers can turn off iPhone safety features

Texting and driving causes a lot of accidents, and many of those drivers use an iPhone, as it is one of the most popular types of smartphone. Apple, the company that produces the iPhone, has faced some heat from critics over the years, and people have said they should make it impossible for drivers to text.

Parents must show teens how to avoid distracted driving

Parents have a very important job to do when teaching teens how to drive, though many of them do not realize just how crucial it is. That job is simply to set a good example. This is perhaps most important when considering distracted driving, which is something of a growing epidemic.

Alleged DUI crash kills passenger in New Hampshire

A tragic accident happened in Bath, New Hampshire, when a white 2011 Chevrolet Cruz went out of control while going around a curve in the road. The small passenger car left the street and slammed into a tree. Pictures from the scene show the car sitting in front of the tree with the fender bent back and the hood crumpled up toward a smashed windshield.

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