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Around 20 accidents litter the interstates in New Hampshire

Slick roads are dangerous at any time of year, but particularly in the winter when wet roads can quickly become icy. Getting hit by a driver in this kind of weather may not be the driver's fault, but chances are that the driver was acting negligently and lost control of the vehicle. If the driver was speeding, texting or distracted, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

You can claim for a crash in an unmarked construction zone

As a safe driver, you do everything you can to prevent accidents. Sometimes, they can be unavoidable because of negligent actions by another party. For example, if you're approaching a construction zone that wasn't marked properly and get into an accident, you could be in a position to make a claim.

22-year-old accused of running red light, causing injuries

If you're someone who often drives, then you know that drivers sometimes make mistakes that put your life in danger. Negligence, like being distracted when driving or failing to use lighting at dusk, can make an otherwise safe driver deadly to those on the road. When you're struck, you have to be treated for injuries. In that situation, you and your attorney have to work together to get compensation for the impact the injury has on your life.

Driving talk tips for parents with teen and young-adult drivers

Are you worried about your child driving and getting into an accident? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has started a new campaign to help you talk to your teens about the risks of driving. The week of Oct. 18 through Oct. 24 is National Teen Driver Safety Week, so it's a good time to speak with your children about the ways they can stay safe when they're on the roads.

1 killed, 2 injured in fatal accident in New Hampshire

Distractions, speeding, drunk driving and other acts can lead to serious collisions that take the lives of the people you care about. Injuries you suffer in these accidents can impact your life now and into the future, while the death of a loved one can cause feelings of guilt along with the financial burden of losing an income. You are within your rights to make a claim if someone's negligence has resulted in a loved one's death, just as this man's family may choose to do.

New Hampshire crash results in 5 hospitalizations

If you're living in New Hampshire, then you know that car accidents are fairly common. As a driver, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be worried. In fact, many accidents are caused by distracted drivers that put your life and the lives of others at risk on the road. In this case, a driver went the wrong way on a highway lane, and that resulted in a serious accident.

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