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Who regulates workplace safety in New Hampshire?

As an employee, you have several rights that you need to know about. For instance, you have a right to a safe workplace, and you also have the right to make a claim for workers' compensation or insurance coverage in the case that you get hurt at work.

Focus on recovering and get compensated with Social Security

After you are in a work accident, getting the compensation you want and need may seem like a daunting task to take on. You could still be recovering; you may not be able to work anymore, and your new disability could be a struggle to live with. One of the things you can do following your accident is to apply for Social Security Disability if you can no longer work or work like you used to. This can be applied for on top of seeking workers' compensation, making it an additional benefit that can help you make up lost wages for now and in the future due to your disability.

Get compensated after you're injured at work

No industry is completely safe from injuries, but with the right precautions, you should be relatively safe on the job. However, if something like a puddle or open electrical circuit is overlooked, these kinds of minor issues could become possible threats to your safety. In most workplaces, there are strategies in place to prevent injuries, but negligent coworkers, third parties, or damaged or defective equipment could still cause injuries to you and others while you're at work.

What is a hearing for workers' compensation?

When you apply for workers' compensation, there's a chance you'll need to go to a hearing. These requests aren't common, but if you receive one, the notice will explain why. For instance, if it's been reported that you were not cooperative with vocational rehabilitation, then you may have to attend a hearing that attempts to show how you were not complying with the workers' compensation requirements.

You can file a claim for workers' compensation benefits

You know that workplace accidents at construction sites are some of the most dangerous. They can result in amputations, neck and back injuries, repetitive injuries and other painful situations that leave you badly hurt. Your workplace needs to have machinery guards, safety education and maintenance schedules to make your job safer; when these safety arrangements aren't completed, then you're at risk of being injured.

You have the right to workers' compensation in New Hampshire

Workers' compensation was created to provide you, a worker, with protection against the financial implications of injuries at work. Your employer has the responsibility to buy this insurance, so if you are injured, you should have access to it and be able to claim for it whenever you're hurt.

How can I file for workers' compensation in Massachusetts?

If you've suffered a work-related injury in Massachusetts, you may not know where to start when you want to collect compensation. Fortunately, the state of Massachusetts does enforce workers' compensation. You will need to be sure your employer has filed the Employer's First Report of Injury of Fatality – Form 101 if you've had to miss five or more full or part-days of work.

Social Security Disability is your right in New Hampshire

As you consider seeking Social Security Disability, it's important that you understand all parts of the process. Many people are denied the first time they apply for this payment, because the forms or applications aren't filled out correctly. Having your Social Security Disability denied doesn't mean you have to go without it; you can appeal or reapply for the service.

Workers compensation goes up in New Hampshire

If you receive workers' compensation in New Hampshire, you may be pleased to hear that changes have been made in the weekly rates you'll receive; they've changed for the better. According to a report from July 1, the maximum workers’ compensation payment will now increase each week from $1,383 to $1404. That change is applicable starting July 1, 2014.

Costly compensation an issue in New Hampshire

Workers' compensation can be costly, and that's what some people are arguing has happened in New Hampshire. When you're seeking workers' compensation, this could have a direct effect; the state Insurance Department has claimed that New Hampshire medical providers charge up to twice as much as their counterparts around New England and the rest of the United States.

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