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Prove fault to get the compensation you need

| Sep 1, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Proving fault in a motorcycle crash can help you get the compensation you need after you suffer an injury. Determining who was at fault is a task left to police, but it can also help if the other driver admits to causing the accident. Whether it’s a mistake or negligence, it’s the responsibility of the at-fault party to pay for the medical care and other financial losses you suffer.

The first thing you will want to collect to show who was at fault is the police report. The officer who came to the scene will have written out a report, so even if you had to leave to seek medical attention, you have a right to access this report at a later date. An officer’s observations will be listed in the report, so things like opinions on if a driver was speeding or admitted to fault will likely be included. If the officer issued any citations, they will also be listed.

The insurance company will want to see this information to make sure the other driver was actually liable before paying out a settlement to you. Before you ever accept a settlement, make sure to discuss your needs with your doctors, family and attorney. You may find that the first offer will not be enough to sustain your needs over the course of your recovery, so you may want to refuse the offer and negotiate for a better settlement.

Our website has more information on insurance settlements and what to do after your crash. With the right support, you can get the compensation you need to support your recovery.


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